Show Me Micro is dedicated to locally owned Missouri breweries, wineries & distilleries!

Missouri micro establishments

New micro establishments seem to pop up weekly, and too often, even micro-enthusiasts have a hard time keeping up with everything our region has to offer. We started Show Me Micro to help locals find and keep up on great micro establishments and talent throughout Missouri

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About our owner & Founder

Show Me Micro’s founder, Joe Koester, completed his three-year training as brewer/maltster in Germany with theoretical schooling in Ulm and Bremen, and practical experience at the Eichbaum Brauerei in Mannheim and in Gütersloh at the Gütersloher Brauhaus. His malt-making training took place at Kling Mälzerei in the town of Schriesheim with the practical final exam at the Beck’s Brewery in Bremen.

Joesph Koester